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About Us

The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (NCCTQ) was launched on October 2, 2005, after Education Commission of the States, ETS, Learning Point Associates, and Vanderbilt University—entered into a five-year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Education to operate the teacher quality content center.

Prior to the launch of NCCTQ, Learning Point Associates, the Education Commission of the States, and ETS in 2004 created the National Partnership for Teaching in At-Risk Schools. Joining forces with Vanderbilt University allows NCCTQ a strong foundation to continue and extend the work that was begun by the National Partnership.

NCCTQ was created to serve as the premier national resource to which the regional comprehensive centers, states, and other education stakeholders turn for strengthening the quality of teaching—especially in high-poverty, low-performing, and hard-to-staff schools—and for finding guidance in addressing specific needs, thereby ensuring highly qualified teachers are serving students with special needs.

Goals and Action Strategies
The goals of NCCTQ are as follows:

To reach these goals, NCCTQ will:

Dissemination and Outreach
Dissemination and outreach objectives will be accomplished through online resources, print and electronic products, meetings and networks, and technical assistance resources, as follows:

Day-to-day leadership is provided by a management team that includes the director, deputy director, and the three principal investigators. An Advisory Board oversees NCCTQ work; and a Communication and Coordination Council and a Higher Education Council are instrumental in coordinating the work of NCCTQ with other organizations engaged in teacher quality efforts and institutions of higher education.

Key Staff

Sabrina Laine, Ph.D., NCCTQ Director
Learning Point Associates

Amy Jackson, NCCTQ Deputy Director
Learning Point Associates

Tricia Coulter, Ph.D., NCCTQ Principal Investigator for Research and Dissemination
Education Commission of the States

Carol Dwyer, Ph.D., NCCTQ Principal Investigator for Research and Dissemination

Dan Reschly, Ph.D., NCCTQ Principal Investigator for Special Needs
Vanderbilt University

Brian Rowan, Ph.D., NCCTQ Senior Associate for Evaluation
University of Michigan

Gretchen Weber, NCCTQ Coordinator of Field Services
Learning Point Associates

Rebecca Phillips, NCCTQ Communications Coordinator
Learning Point Associates

Cortney Rowland, NCCTQ Coordinator of Policy Products and Services
Learning Point Associates


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