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Innovative Ideas and Practical Suggestions for Improving the State Highly Qualified Teacher Plans


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Revising State Highly Qualified Teacher Plans—Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
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NCCTQ and the U.S. Department of Education have created this document to provide answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding the state Highly Qualified Teacher Plans.

Planning Tool to Provide Evidence of Progress Toward Equitable Teacher Distribution
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NCCTQ created this tool in March 2006 to help states complete the equitable teacher distribution requirement of their state plans. The tool also includes a discussion of the current definition of "highly qualified" and proposes a more comprehensive definition for states to consider when designing data collection efforts. This comprehensive definition includes "Qualifications Matched to Context" (QMC), which recommends situating "highly qualified" within a specific school context.

Revising the Equitable Distribution Component in Your State Plan for Highly Qualified Teachers
This revised version of the March 2006 equitable distribution data tool is focused on areas where states had most difficulty in their state plans. Although revised state plans have already been submitted, this enhanced version may continue to be useful to states as they (1) take stock of the types of data collection, analysis, and reporting procedures they currently have; (2) consider the types of data they may want to collect in the future; and (3) determine future analysis and reporting procedures.

Model Components for Revised State HQT Plans
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The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality has developed Model Components for Revised State Highly Qualified Teacher Plans to help states working to improve their Revised State HQT Plans. This document captures the components submitted by the nine states who successfully met all six criteria outlined by the U.S. Department of Education.

New Online Resource Helps States With Revised State HQT Plans
HQT Tool for States streamlines access to the nine state plans that were accepted by reviewers and provides review comments. State plans can be accessed in two ways: (1) State—reports the entire state plan and reviewer comments for each state selected; or (2) Requirement—reports on each requirement, allowing the user to compare text and reviewer comments on specified requirements across selected states.


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